Whiteboard Workout #2

EQUIPMENT: bodyweight, dumbbells, OR olympic bar/plates

INSTRUCTIONS: Repeat as a superset round: 1 set of 10 reps of each exercise, repeat for as many rounds as you wish. Record your time. See Workout Notes for alternate approaches to the same workout.

Go at a sustainable, manageable pace for your fitness level.


🔟 High Bar Back Squats
🔟 Deadlifts
🔟 DB Walking lunges
🔟 Sumo squats
🔟 Calf raises 

EXERCISES (bodyweight)

🔟 Squats
🔟 Single leg deadlifts (Warrior 3)
🔟 Walking lunges
🔟 Sumo squats
🔟 Calf raises


📓 Pick a target overall time, like 30 minutes total. Do as many rounds as you can in 30 minutes. Record how many rounds you completed (eg. 6.5 rounds].

➡️ PROGRESSION: try to get a few more reps in than last workout for the same amount of time.

📓 Record your time for each round/circuit. It might look like: R1 – 3:14, R2 – 3:45, R3 – 4:15…

➡️PROGRESSION: improve your time for each round.

📓 Pick a target overall number of rounds and record your total time for x rounds. [eg. 10 rounds took you x minutes to complete]

➡️ PROGRESSION: improve your overall time for x rounds over the last workout.

📓 Forget the 10 reps instruction and set a Tabata timer instead. 30 seconds of work x 10 seconds of rest. Get as many quality reps of each exercise you can in each 30 second work period.

➡️PROGRESSION: improve your form. Get more reps per 30 second work period.

Honestly, just do it. If all you do is mark off the date that you did it, you’re still winning.


✔️ Add weights: dumbbells, full gallon jugs, toddlers, whatever you have lying around.

✔️ Increase work periods/reduce rest periods.

✔️ Add mobility warm ups, ab finishers, and cool down sequences from The Workout Library to beef this up if you wish.


Fun fact: This workout popped up on my memories today from 2015. I tried to get the Husband to do it with me. While he can leg press a ridiculous amount of weight, I can whip him on these HIIT/endurance challenges.innocent

Plus, now he has a beard and I won’t let him shave it! cool

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