by Gary Keller and Jay Pappasan

Published 2013

This book jump-started my quest for personal improvement in productivity at work. My husband and I own a few businesses and work from our home office. While this is awesome for many reasons, it is also easy to get distracted from any number of household projects that also want attention. This book helped me clarify my goals and simplify my approach. Instead of doing more to get more done, I wound up doing less to accomplish more. Yes, it’s a mind bender, but trust me, it works.

The One Thing team also offers (at the time of this post, fall 2016) a mastermind group, which challenges participants to employ the concepts in the book to their own schedules. That community based challenge was inspiring. Everyone rallied together even though we were all working on individual tasks. Very cool.

Purchasing the book unlocks some additional web content which I found useful. The diagrams and images sprinkled throughout the book are direct and digestible info-graphics illustrating the points.

Bottom line: don’t skip this one if you want to upgrade your level of productivity.

Have you read this book too? How did these concepts change your life? Let’s start a conversation!