stradəjē/noun/ a plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim.
synonyms: master plan, grand design, game plan, plan (of action), action plan, policy, program
Why? Why are you working towards this goal? Why is it important to you?
Why does it matter?
It’s likely we could boil it down to fit into Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs. [Abraham Maslow, American psychologist. Published in 1943, “A Theory of Human Motivation” in Psychological Review].
Our most primal, driving forces focus on our physiological needs (such as air, food, water and sleep). Once that’s handled, we can focus on personal safety, security, and well-being.
From there we look to relationships outside the self: our friendships and social circles. A sense of belonging.
Once we belong to a social group, we can differentiate ourselves with status and recognition. This is where the ego starts to carve out a sense of self-respect.
At the top of his list is the realization of the full potential of the individual.
In other words: your goal matters to you because it’s meeting an intrinsic need for comfort, love or status.
Thus, each step toward your goal has a reason, or should have a reason, to even be on your list.
So ask yourself the truth. Take a look at your goal, your plan. Will it help you feel better, look better, be healthier, feel closer, improve?
Does it serve you? What’s the strategy? If it’s a waste of time, can you let it go?