sequence (sēkwəns)
noun: a particular order in which related events, movements, or things follow each other.
verb: arrange in a particular order.
You have a dream. A desire. A goal.
You’ve simplified and segmented the goal into bite-sized chunks. Now what?
“Begin at the beginning, and go on till you come to the end: then stop.” [Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland, 1865]

Take action. One step at a time. With logical progression.

One task naturally follows the other. And you keep items off the list until you’ve achieved the intermediate goal.
On the path toward your bigger, final goal.
So what does this look like?
Let’s take an example of weight loss. And let’s say your goal is to cook meals for the next 4 days:
First you plan out what meals you want to cook and take inventory of your pantry. You make a grocery list. Then shop for appropriate groceries. Once home, you wash, peel and chop. Then you sautee, steam and bake. Then you store the food and clean up. Voila, now you have successfully planned and prepared nutritious meals for several days.
Now let’s examine the activity of eating:
Step one might be to eat slowly. This might be to chew more times per bite, and take fewer bites per minute.
Step two could be an awareness of eating until satisfied, not stuffed. Mindfulness to stop before you’re uncomfortably full.
Step three could be to put the fork down between meals and ban electronics at the table.
One step logically, simply follows the last. With a little planning, and dare I say design, you can eliminate some of the stress, and begin to enjoy the process.
What steps are you taking to feel great today?