The Healthy Living Blueprint

Health coaching for sustainable weight loss

How to eat, exercise, and rest so you can lose weight and feel confident.

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THe workout library

Simple workouts for any body

Bodyweight, swiss ball, suspension strap, HIIT, Pilates mat, yoga, or dumbbell workouts.

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The Pilates Lifestyle Program

A philosophical approach

How to use the Core Principles of the Pilates Method OFF the mat so you can design a life you love. A philosophical approach.

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The monthly Habit Cycle has everything you need to:

💡 Clarify what you deeply want and need right now.
💪 Commit to the actions to make it happen.
🔄 Execute the daily habits with consistency.
🏆 Succeed with grace and ease.

This includes worksheets, calendars, weekly live videos in our private group, along with support and accountability to help you succeed.

If you want to feel vibrant in body in mind so you can live and lead with confidence, this is the FREE (for now) membership you've been seeking.

In-person: within 100 miles of Hagerstown, MD

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