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plan on your soul

An exclusive program for people who are ready to clarify the why, commit to the goal and organize a plan to succeed.

plan on your soul is a program for entrepreneurs and executives who want to discover new strategies to redesign their goals and rewrite their plans for success.

if you feel burned out and overwhelmed by your unending to-do list and completely stalled in your personal development, this program is for you.

Dear Fellow Go-Getter,

I know you’re frustrated.

You work hard every day to develop your professional skills and personal habits. You strive for success.

But something isn’t quite right. You’re full up to the brim. You feel like a Jack-in-the-Box: one more twist and you’re going to pop.

You’re fatigued. You can’t remember why you started. You look at your task list at the end of the day and wonder, “What exactly DID I accomplish today?”

To put it simply: You want to work less and accomplish more so you can achieve even greater levels of success AND balance in your life.

You want:

» Clarity

» Ease

» Growth

» Commitment

» Peace

And most of all

» Success

The problem is:

You’ve worked yourself into the ground.

You feel like you don’t know how to start putting your life back together.

You set a goal and make a foolproof plan, only to second-guess why you bothered to set the goal in the first place.

You set your expectations so high that you’d have to be on stilts, with a pogo stick on a trampoline just to get close to the bar.

You feel like you’re a hamster on a wheel.

You’re stuck in a never-ending cycle of up and down and all around.

Have you ever set a goal, made what you thought was a fool-proof plan, only to wake up the next morning and eat a cupcake for breakfast while second guessing why you bothered to set the goal in the first place?

» Have you lost your “why”?

» Do you hate getting up in the morning?

» Do you plan and prepare but fall short of your goals?

» You don’t believe you can cross the finish line so you don’t take that first step?

» You compare your circumstances to someone else’s journey and feel inadequate about your efforts?

help me help you

let’s regroup

I want you to know you’re not alone. I want you to know that you CAN get past this.

How do I know?

Trust me. I’ve been there many times.

I have many passions and I’ve pursued several career avenues. That means I’ve weathered trials and celebrated triumphs throughout my life. I’ve managed an art studio and gallery. I’ve been a certified Pilates instructor by True Pilates, NY, since 2003, and have trained private clients along the East Coast. I received a M.A. in Interior Design from the Corcoran College of Art and Design in Washington DC, with a Legacy LEED AP credential (U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). I also spent the last five years climbing the corporate ladder as a project manager.  I’m steady and grounded and can guide a project from start to finish, minimizing any “wrinkles.” I can juggle many things, multiple tasks and maintain a cool, level head.

These days, I’m a C-level corporate executive in three of our family businesses, two of which do business on an international scale. We manage real-estate holdings in the U.S., we have an approved government contract to make and sell decorative window coverings to the Federal Government all over the world, and we have an R&D company for physical security and building hardening products for the DoD and other government entities on a global scale. Our product and services may end up in Okinawa, Penang, New York City or South Dakota.

My husband and I have cultured a corporate environment based in the Cloud. We outsource almost everything. We work from our home office. I chuckle at the irony of this. It’s isolating. Our staff and sales reps also work remotely. I rarely, if ever, see any of the product we sell or the labor we hire. I’m so far removed from the “end-user.” I only converse with contracting officers via email so we all have a paper trail.

but it’s not always rainbows and unicorns

I’m an extroverted introvert.  This means two things are true for me.

(1) I constantly nibble at other people’s requests for help on their projects until I’ve bitten off more than I can chew and my projects suffer.

Hi. My name is Sarah and I have a problem saying NO.

(2) Some people see my calm exterior and assume I’m aloof. What they don’t see is my sensitivity to high stress situations. I need, and crave, some serious chunks of alone time to recharge.

I had to build systems so I could keep my fears and limitations in check and ride the wave of any surge of energy and confidence I had.

That hasn’t always been easy for me.

I still stumble. Last year, I let the stress of running international projects get the best of me. It took me about six months to realize I’d buried myself in the sand. I gained 20 pounds in 30 days. I couldn’t sleep at night and then I couldn’t focus during the day. I was irritable and people around me suffered. This was all compounded by the fact that I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me.

I started to panic, which of course increased my stress level. You can see how this cycle quickly becomes quite evil, right? Can you imagine living six months in a miserable, exhausted, state of mind that crushes any shred of confidence or self-awareness?

Ugh. Nope. No thanks.

I finally had enough of that $#!%. I started down the road of blood tests, hormone levels, food allergies, biopsies and Western medical treatment. It wasn’t until I sought the counsel of a Naturopath that things started to shift. She asked, “What have you done for your spirit lately?”

Say whhhaaaatttt?

While we tweaked my vitamin regimen and my sleep and exercise habits, I dove into the deep end of the pool to develop my spiritual habit, too. That meant I journaled. A LOT.

What did I discover?

I went back to my roots. I reread my journals from college and my early 20s. I flipped through my sketchbooks from grad school. I remembered what it felt like to actually help a client, to work directly with another human in a meaningful way. I remembered what it felt like to create something beautiful. I remembered what it felt like to start with “Why?” and let the inspiration flow. I recalled key moments with some of the clients I helped before I fell into the corporate world. I realized this is the critical component that’s missing in my corporate work.

I got to work redesigning my life to incorporate these concepts without abandoning my responsibilities and commitments.

How did I do it?

In the six months since my biopsy:

» I made my well-being a priority while balancing my marriage and business commitments.

» I’ve redesigned my habits.

» I’ve reconsidered my priorities.

» I reorganized my plan for success to nurture my soul before I tackle my tasks.

I’m feeling a zillion times better.

Do you have room for improvement too?

» I can’t keep this all to myself.

» I want you to help me HELP YOU.

» I want to help you rewrite your plan and rewire your thoughts.

» I want to help you be clear about your purpose.

» I want you to plan for success.

» I want to help you design your life.

» I want to help you upgrade your lifestyle.

» I want to help you plan on your soul.

some case studies:

A senior gentleman

came to me with high blood pressure and cholesterol. He’d negotiated with his doctor a three-month window of natural interventions to avoid going on prescription medication. We discussed a variety of strategies he could employ to achieve his goal. He settled on a few key points and we planned a course of action specific to his needs. He centered his focus on these key points, and STUCK LIKE GLUE to his commitment. When he returned for his three-month check-up at the doctor, he’d not only beat his goal of lowering his blood pressure and cholesterol back down, he’d dropped his numbers even lower than they had been the year before!

A single mother

approached me to help her gain some clarity as she began facing the reality of becoming an empty-nester. She’d realized once her daughter left for college, she’d lose a large part of her schedule (which is a large part of her identity) when the softball games, basket ball games, and family meals were no longer on her calendar. She used my system as a road map to discover parts of her personality she wanted to explore and develop now that she’d have more time for herself. She was a little timid of this at first. Once she’d awakened this curiosity, a whole new world of possibility opened to her, and she had the tools to navigate and explore as this new chapter unfolded for her!

You may be wondering why you can’t do this on your own.

I know I did. I thought, “I got this far on my own. Why not push a bit more?” I lied to myself like this for WAY. TOO. LONG. Even when I made strategic partnerships, like hiring a personal trainer 3x a week (HELLO. I AM a $*%&#$#$ fitness trainer. Why should I need one to put me through my paces?), I remained stuck. I didn’t tell anyone about my desires and dreams. So even though the personal training appointment guaranteed I’d show up to the gym, no one was in a position to call me out on my emotional vacancy to my goals. This created an environment in which my negative self-talk and self-limiting beliefs persisted.

you CAN redraw this blueprint

You’ve already come a long way (or you wouldn’t be reading this). I know you’re ready to develop your plan, strengthen your spirit and experience the shift you seek.

THIS is exactly why I’ve developed my signature program, PLAN ON YOUR SOUL!

This is a 1:1 coaching program for executives and entrepreneurs who are ready to clarify and finally commit to personal development goals. I help my clients foster a personal culture of wellness and success by cultivating their body, mind and spirit. As a certified Pilates instructor, interior designer and corporate executive, I’ve developed a specific set of skills over the last 15 years of my multi-passionate career. I lean on philosophies, tools and systems I’ve learned and developed to guide clients from overwhelm and inconsistency to clarity, commitment and balance. The end results often far exceed the original goals they’ve set for themselves.

the logistics

i break your excuses

Together we explore why you think you can’t do it. I help you dissolve those limiting beliefs one by one. Trust me. I’ve been there so I can see past your BS. Because I’m here to serve you—not please you—I can empower you to finally reach your goals.

what's mine is also yours

I use philosophies, tools and systems learned in my 15 years of independent consulting and solo-preneurship in various industries to teach you how to adopt the systems that work for you. Life requires flexibility to roll with the punches and resiliency to pick yourself up when life’s fist connects with your gut. I give you these tools so you can design your life, upgrade your lifestyle and plan on your soul.

i partner with you

Think of me as your accountability partner. I want you to succeed. Together we’ll set up a system of checks and balances so you feel the pinch when you need to get your tush in gear, and the reward after you do it.

here’s what you can expect:

During our 3 months together, I’ll help you slow down, clarify and concentrate your efforts. Through our work, we’ll conquer barriers and excuses and analyze former setbacks. I must tell you, I’m a tough love kind of girl so you can expect me to serve you by telling you the truth. NOT telling you what you want to hear.

My clients enjoy working with me because I’m grounded, practical and loyal. Often, they confide their deepest desires and darkest fears in me through our professional relationship because they know I won’t bring any judgment to the family dinner table or the corporate conference table. This makes room for open communication so we can truly explore what makes you tick without any fear of dismissal, rebuke or judgment. Removing that fear of criticism is powerful.

here’s what you’ll gain:


You’ll understand that you CAN make time to pause, slow down and take a breath. Like changing the film reel for the movie playing in your mind, we’re going to rewrite your internal script.


You’ll clarify the root cause behind everything you do or want to do so we can center your focus. We clear out the cobwebs and junk so you can get clear about what drives you.


You’ll develop tools to help you concentrate and prepare for success in anything you want to accomplish. We narrow the focus to achieve more.


You’ll have an arsenal of strategies for proper and precise goal setting techniques that you can apply to other projects and areas of your life. We develop an understanding of deliberate action and delegate any other busy work that doesn’t serve your ultimate goal.


You’ll develop a sense of awareness and alignment so you can design your life with ease. With awareness, we strengthen your precise action toward your ultimate goal.


Control is defined as: noun, the power to influence or direct behavior. We work to melt away any needy, controlling behavior and develop a new mindset around self- and situational awareness.


What good are all these tips and tricks if we can’t get them to mesh together seamlessly and effortlessly? We blend these concepts in a meaningful and sustainable way.


You’ll cultivate a flow; strategies to integrate what you’ve learned in an ongoing and repeatable fashion. In our final weeks, we develop strategies to maintain flow and control our emotions when life throws us those inevitable curve balls.

here’s how it happens:


Each week you’ll receive a video and accompanying workbook so we can dive into the deep end of each concept and put it to work.

» Month 1: Get DEEP

These 4 weeks are devoted to slowing down, clearing the decks, honing your focus and planning ahead.

» Month 2: Take ACTION

We dive into the DOING part of reaching your goals. We take measurable action and evaluate the results at regular intervals to assess quality of, and commitment to, the plan.

» Month 3: Work It Out

We use what you’ve learned in previous weeks to sharpen the tools in your tool box and integrate them seamlessly so we can go with the flow. Life WILL throw you curveballs, but you’re prepared for that so you can keep going with grace and stamina.

Live call:

Each week, we’ll have a private video conference to discuss the week’s intention, work and progress. It’s just you and me so don’t hold back.

bonuses! (who doesn’t love that!?)


Our private Facebook group is populated with a select group of members who are on a similar journey. It took me a long time to realize that the community connection is one of the most important ways to make your vision visible. Truly, there is strength in numbers.

Email support:

Submit your questions for help in between our scheduled calls.


Recruit a friend! If your bestie could benefit from this work, too, bring him or her along for the ride! You’ll both benefit from a partner in crime and a lower program cost. Pricing discounts apply, so let’s chat!

This is the real deal.

This program requires 100% commitment. That’s why it’s by application only. Book a Strategy Call now so we can explore this opportunity together.

If you seek a deeper intervention:

A custom-designed VIP optional add-on is available for clients looking for a jumpstart. During this in-person intensive, I will meet with you in your home town or city. We’ll review your current routines, evaluate your mindset and work intensely together to dissolve the barriers holding you back. This is made-to-order coaching, so we work on your most pressing issues.

To paint a picture of how this might look, here are some ideas from programs I’ve developed with former clients:

Pantry Purge
Clean out the pantry/refrigerator and rid the kitchen of tempting foods that derail clean eating efforts.

Closet Purge
Clean out the closet and rid the wardrobe of dead weight items you no longer use or need.

Farm Market
Shop at your local farmers market together to discover plant-based foods while getting connected to your community.

Food Market
Shop at your local grocery store with a strategy and meal plan.

Meal Prep
Prepare a meal together. Try a new recipe. Gain confidence to prepare your own meals in your own kitchen.

Gym Buddy
Go to the gym together to meet a new trainer or take a new class. This fear of trying something new pops up quite often. It helps when you have a workout buddy to take that first step.

Outdoor Exercise

If the gym really isn’t your thing, we seek out local hiking/biking trails for outdoor workouts. We get the minimal gear you need to create a fun workout in nature.

If kids hijack your schedule, we can design a workout plan you can do at the park/playground.

Calendar Review
Daily/weekly calendar review, breakdown, plan and strategize. (THIS is sometimes the most transformational program block for my clients.)

While these things are deceptively simple, it took me a LONG TIME to absorb. An example from my own life: I’ve always wanted to try road biking (think Lance Armstrong) but the idea of cleats clipped into the pedals scared the $#!% out of me. I delayed this for YEARS. Finally, a friend took me to her bike shop and showed me the ropes. I spent an afternoon riding around my grassy backyard and deliberately falling so I could get over my fear.

Now, in my 4th season of cycling (I’m not die-hard enough to bike in the winter), I’m striving to double my mileage over last year and LOVING it.  I only regret that I waited so long! The breakthroughs you’ll experience when these concepts begin to integrate will astonish you!

Let’s get down to business.

What’s your investment?

DIY Growth

  • 12 Custom Weekly Workbooks PDF download
  • -12 Custom Weekly Videos
  • -Private Facebook Accountability Group
  • -1:1 Weekly Coaching Call
  • -12 Weeks dedicated email support
  • -In-person VIP intensive kick-off

VIP Upgrade

  • 12 Custom Weekly Workbooks PDF download
  • 12 Custom Weekly Videos
  • Private Facebook Accountability Group
  • 1:1 Weekly Coaching Call
  • 12 Weeks dedicated email support
  • In-person VIP intensive kick-off*

*The in-person intensive requires a preliminary discussion so we can plan how many days (typically 1-3 days depending on your wishes and availability) and travel arrangements. Schedule a Strategy Call now so we can chat!

Lauren Glenn

Queen Bee

Sarah is extremely talented and kind. Her work blows me away!

Jeff Durbin

Program Manager

Sarah displays lots of talent and an innovative mind. Hire her!

So you’ve made the commitment. Congrats! What’s next?

After your application has been accepted, you’ll receive a welcome email with log-in credentials to the membership site, your personal dashboard and a link to schedule our weekly video conference calls. The course content (video and workbook) will be emailed weekly on the anniversary of your start date. You’ll have lifetime access to the course material from your dashboard.

If you’ve been accepted into the VIP program, we’ll schedule a call to discuss the logistics of meshing our schedules so I can make travel arrangements. This typically takes 2-3 weeks to sort out. In the meantime, you’ll have regular access to the coursework beginning right away.

register NOW before the price goes up!

Why choose Plan On Your Soul?

After 15 years, I can happily say that many of my clients are close friends. I didn’t build these relationships because I pleased them. I served them. This means I’ll call you out on your excuses before I ask how your kids are doing in school. We work together to make sure every call or email starts with a “Heck YES! I feel great because I _____ today!”

This program gives executives and entrepreneurs the space to develop personal habits and build a personal culture of success. Together we will:

» Break the excuses that keep you from believing you can cross the finish line

» Eliminate the overwhelm that halts you dead in your tracks

» Build a bridge from “Where do I start?” to “Look what I just did!”

We’ll overcome challenges and experience successes during our time together. You’ll also walk away with a solid database of tools you can renew and reuse as new challenges and goals pop up in life.

Now hear this.

Self-limiting beliefs pop back up as a continual test. Now you’ll have the tools to wrestle them back down. Failure happens to the best of us, even when we prepare for success. But it doesn’t have to send you in a downward spiral back to your rock bottom. Sometimes failure can be a blessing in disguise. It can teach you a lesson or redirect your path to a new and better discovery. You’ll have the tools to reevaluate, regroup and redesign the next goal, learning from your past mistakes.

My promise to you.

Let’s use some design thinking and architectural language to paint a picture. You’ll close out your 3 months of coursework with a better understanding of your foundation (your clarity). You’ll have a truck load of building blocks (your strategy) and a solid roof (your self-awareness) to protect your house.

Is plan on your soul a good fit for you?

» You’re ready to ditch the self-limiting script on repeat in your head.

» You’re tired of feeling tired, overworked, an dunproductive.

» You realize you constantly bite off more than you can chew and you’re ready to set up some strategic boundaries in your life.

» You’re tired of the “Groundhog Day” nightmare: you try and try and try again in a seemingly endless cycle of trial AND error and never succeed.

» Your old mantra that says, “It’s easier and faster if I just do it myself” doesn’t seem to be working anymore.

⊗ You’re not open to new systems and want to remain stuck in your ego.

⊗ You feel too comfortable in always being “busy” and live to tell everyone how swamped you are all the time.

⊗ You’re lazy and non-directional so proper boundaries stifle your “flow.”

⊗ The status quo works just fine for you.

⊗ Your mantra is and will forever be, “It’s easier and faster if I just do it myself.”

At this point, I only see two options.

You can stick with your status quo, your Groundhog Day nightmare. “It’s easier and faster if I just do it myself.” You’ll continue the trial/error phase in an endless pattern. Your personal and professional growth will slow to a crawl. Success in meeting your goals will constantly elude you. You’ll remain in a pattern of endless self-doubt and negative self-talk.


You can put a full stop to the BS and join my program, where we can design your life, upgrade your lifestyle and plan your soul. You can develop skills and habits that will continually serve your personal and professional growth. You’ll feel the pressure lift once you start to realize goal setting success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect?

You can expect full, transparent communication from me. You can expect a bit of hand-holding with a little dose of tough love as we dive into the deep end and accomplish great work. You can expect privacy and loyalty. Your journey won’t be shared publicly from my end, only if you choose to share it from you end.

What goals do we work on?

This is made-to-order coaching so first we organize your thoughts and explore your pain points. Then we prepare a plan to tackle the points causing you to struggle the most right now. We build a strategy so you can reevaluate this system with regular frequency to check-in with yourself.

Some clients feel that losing a certain amount of weight will open new avenues for them so we work on that first. Others realize their poor sleeping habits are holding them back from achieving other things so that becomes the priority. I had a client who made her priority goal to drink 120 oz. of water every day. This single focus ended up allowing a variety of other mid-level priority tasks to fall into place effortlessly (reducing snacking between meals, consuming less soda, etc.) Some clients feel their calendar management is out of control (or non-existent) so cleaning up the calendar takes center stage.

This is truly up to you. I can help you figure it out.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes. Payment for my 1:1 coaching package is $3,000 if paid in full, upfront. I do offer monthly automatic billing at $1,200 per month.

If you recruit a friend, you’ll both progress through the coursework together and share the video conference calls (2 clients: 1 coach). This is $2,000 per person paid in full upfront, or $800 per person automatically billed each month you’re in the program.

The VIP program is custom-tailored to your wishes, desires and needs so we can discuss payment options during our strategy call.

Once I’m in the program, is there a catch? When will the other shoe drop?

There’s no catch. There are no other buy-ins or pitches. There is no bait-and-switch. Your information is private and won’t be shared with anyone.

I work full-time and have kids. My husband/wife often travels for work. I just don’t see a way to fit this into my already jam-packed schedule.

I call BS. I guarantee you can carve out 50 minutes for a call and a minimum of 10 minutes a day to do the assignments. If you can’t find 120 minutes over 7 days, then this program isn’t for you. If you want to see how we can find this time, book a strategy call now.

I’m ready to commit so how do I pay you?

This is the easy part! I accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

I have more questions. How do I contact you?

Email with your questions. I’ll get back to you within 24-48 hours!

P.S. Don’t wait to book your Strategy Call. Spots are limited. So, click on the link now to take the first step toward planning your soul.

don’t be shy