Last week I posted about INTEGRITY.

The week before that, it was about GRACE.

This week, I’m thinking about EXPANSION.

Most of us, myself included, walk around on this green earth with an internal dialogue that holds us back. We limit our own potential with the small thoughts that dominate our mindsets.

Since I’ve been meditating and ruminating on the concept of GRACE and the honest definition of INTEGRITY, I’ve discovered a more EXPANSIVE mindset.

When you find the grace to let go of the things or moments in your past which don’t make you proud, when you truly, honestly get curious about your actions and behavior in your community, you can begin to discover that the limitations you feel can be ignored.

YOU CAN shed the layer (or layers) of limiting beliefs and grow.

Do you remember the kindergarten experiment when you planted a seed in a little cup, covered it in cling wrap, and placed it on a window sill to watch it grow? 🌱

That little plant would only grow as big as its environment would allow. If you wanted it to keep growing, you’d have to transplant it to a bigger container. 🌳

For your consideration: are you ready for a more expansive place to put down roots and grow taller? As soon as you accept that YOU ARE CAPABLE of massive things, your life will shift.