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have you tried it all?

Does it feel like you start over every Monday with THE SAME GOAL you had last week?

What if it was more like this:

A simple approach.

No judgement.

One step at a time.

Lasting lifestyle change.

You look and feel amazing at the _________ (beach/wedding/reunion/anniversary…)

You feel amazing. Period.

It’s not a fad. There are no gimmicks. You don’t have to “give up” or “only eat” or “restrict” certain things.

You don’t have to eat spinach if you hate spinach.

Collectively, my colleagues at Precision Nutrition and I have helped tens of thousands of people reach their health and wellness goals.

the method

As a certified Precision Nutrition Coach, I am honored to share the PN approach to healthy fat loss, wellness, and lifestyle coaching with you.

Collectively, certified PN coaches have helped more than 100,000 people reach their weight loss and health goals.

Care to join us?

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How it works

  • A new habit every two weeks.
  • Daily reminders in your inbox.
  • Personal dashboard to track progress.
  • Direct communication with Sarah, your coach, without having to leave the dashboard.
  • A proven track record (more than 100K transformations to date), backed by science.

It's about you

You’re the driver.

I’m just the navigator.

We work together to reach YOUR goals. Within your life, your routine, your style.

Achieve Your goal

Fat loss. Endurance. Increased strength. More energy.

Whatever your goal, you can get there.

We have 12 months of targeted, tested, and highly specific habits to pave the road to success.

Ignore the B.S.

Guess what? You can stop following the “latest fad” and the “celebrity tricks” because we keep it simple.

It’s truly liberating to delegate all that research to someone else. You can focus on you. We focus on sifting through all the other “latest and greatest” trends. 


Keep it simple

We take the complex and break it down into bite size chunks (pun intended).

Over the course of 12 months, we can accomplish a lot if we break it down into simple steps.

One by one, we knock them down.







Stick with it, and we’ll stick with you.


The full program is 12 months of high-touch interaction and progress.

If in 30 days it’s not for you, we have a full, no questions, money back guarantee.

We want it to work both ways. If it doesn’t, it’s all good.

program options

Three, six, and 12 month options. Cancel anytime, no questions asked. There’s no contract.

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