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FREE 5 Day Get Moving Challenge: simple actions you can take every day

Struggling with the idea of getting healthy?

5 day Get Moving Challenge


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FREE 5 Day Get Moving Challenge

Struggling with the idea of getting healthy?


Hate the idea of going to the gym?


Uncertain about how to get in shape?


Great news! In just 5 days, you can learn simple, powerful ways to start getting healthy.

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Sarah Reed Headshot circle

Sarah J. Reed

Coach • Mentor • Pastor
Founder, EXCELEVATE™ Academy

I’m on a mission to help high-achieving women feel vibrant in body and mind so they can live and lead with confidence.

Since 2002, I’ve helped countless executives and entrepreneurs like you manage weight, increase energy, and boost confidence with Pilates, fitness, and health coaching.

As a 4x start-up and small-business owner, I too have experienced the devastating effects of stress.

Dialing in my nutrition and consistent, intentional movement helped me pivot. And I want you to find your pivot too.


  • Spiritual Mentoring: Ordained Minister
  • Health Coaching: Certified Level 2 Precision Nutrition Coach [PN2]
  • Life Coaching: Certified Human Potential Coach [CHCP]
  • Fitness Coaching: Certified Pilates Instructor and Personal Trainer
  • Weight Management | Low Thyroid | Fitness | Mindset | Accountability | Goal Setting | Follow Through
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