The Entrepreneur's Blueprint for Vitality

Conquer stress. Simplify life. Do more.
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Increase energy.

Elevate your purpose.

Accelerate productivity.

How to manage stress when you have a lot to lose

Increase energy.

Stress is an energy drain. Create the right boundaries to protect and restore your natural vitality.

Elevate your purpose.

Why are you even working so hard? Let’s dig deep and discover your true path.

Accelerate productivity.

Get more accomplished in less time. Improve your health and reclaim your life.

Are you BOSS enough to kickstart your energy?

Take the 5 day challenge to find out!


This 5 day challenge to increase energy will help set the stage for true rest and better health.

“If you are most fortunate in your life, there will be a Sarah Reed to support you just when you need her most. For you, she will be wise and gentle. She will be strong and you will make that strength your own. She will care deeply and you will see yourself heal from her compassion and your confidence returned to you. She will be intuitively flexible, sensing where you are guiding her on any given day and how she best can help you help yourself accomplish what you came to her for. And, if you don’t know why it was that you sought her out, but only that things were not right, she will help you with that, too.”

Pat A.


What makes excelevate™ academy the entrepreneur’s choice?

You want to work less and live more. But the stress of managing high-demand responsibilities is wearing you down. [read more...]

You feel foggy sometimes, which casts doubt on your ability to keep up with the pace. You know deep down it doesn’t have to be this exhausting. EXCELEVATE™ helps executives design a life with increased energy, clarity, and productivity.

We know you feel defeated at 3 PM when you feel like you need a 7 year nap. Yet you have so much more to do before you head home for the day. We also know how it feels to breeze through the day feeling accomplished. With energy left over for the rest of your life!

The coursework in this program is facilitated by Sarah J. Reed, founder of the EXCELEVATE™ ACADEMY. With 15 years of experience in nutrition, fitness, design and management, Sarah has been an entrepreneur her entire adult career. In late 2016, her energy tanked. Her creativity and clarity took a vacation. She also gained an inexplicable amount of weight in a shockingly short period of time. All this prompted a visit to the doctor. After a battery of tests and procedures, doctors could only explain her symptoms as “aging.”
Unwilling to accept that “diagnosis,” Sarah took a step back from her life to reassess. Through trial and error, she developed a framework to restore vital energy, heal adrenal fatigue, and improve gut health.
She now teaches this blueprint to executives and entrepreneurs with the hope that they can avoid or reduce their stress related fatigue.
When you enroll in the EXCELEVATE ACADEMY, you'll receive: [read more...]
  1. A widely tested blueprint for designing your life around vitality AND productivity.
  2. A community of high-minded individuals and teams who are working to win the energy game also.
  3. A framework that grows with you, regardless of what chapter you encounter next.

The human body is a resilient, miraculous machine. It can and will optimize performance if we treat it with the respect it deserves. You have the capacity to feel great, like you could conquer the world, with a few simple tweaks to your lifestyle.

Sarah’s expertise has empowered me to prioritize and achieve goals we set a few months ago. I have a few more milestones to accomplish, and with Sarah’s passion to help others find the “right track” I will succeed! #selfpride

Thank you for your dedication to yourself, others, and our friendship. You are truly a gem.

Chrystal Shumate

Entrepreneur, Classic Edge Nail Studio

What is your vitality worth?

  • What do you stand to lose if you don’t take care of yourself?
  • What would happen to your rhythm if you ended up with a “diagnosis” or in the hospital…or worse? How would you feel?
  • Who depends on you?
  • What is your health and vitality worth to them?
  • How much better could you feel?
  • How much more could you accomplish?
  • What do you want to achieve this year?

Ask yourself these questions. And then spend some time mapping out the cost if you don’t invest in your health.

Sarah is extremely talented and kind. Her work blows me away!

Lauren Glenn

Entrepreneur, Bow Tie Photography

Sarah displays lots of talent and an innovative mind. Hire her!

Jeff Durbin

Program Manager

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