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Fit for Life

the 5-s framework for goal setting
5 Techniques for fool-proof goal setting. Use these concepts for any goals: health, exercise, productivity.
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Sarah J. Reed


Conquer stress. Simplify Life. Do more.







@eat.simple_ (straightforward talk about simple food strategies)

@bulletproof (Bulletproof Diet: keto that isn’t all bacon and cheese)

@healthy_discoveries (grey area drinking)

executive summary:

» Keep it simple. One a scale of 0-10, are you readywilling, and able to stick with one habit consistently for 2 weeks? If it’s less than a 9, it’s too complicated.

» Segment it down into bite sized pieces. Your home wasn’t built in one day. Start with the foundation and work up.

» Work in sequence. Begin at the beginning. Focus on eating slowly to 80% full. After you’ve mastered those, then worry about meal timing, counting macros, and designer supplements.

» Work strategically. Practice daily to build skills. Build skills to achieve goals.

» SUPPORT: Get a partner, mentor, coach, or accountability buddy.


› Big picture dream


› Skillset you’ll need to achieve your dreams


› Small practices build daily to strengthen skills (which build dreams).

» FOOD: Would your grandma have grown and eaten it?

» MOVEMENT: Do what you like, that you will do consistently. You don’t have to train like an Olympic athlete to get fit or healthy.

» REST: strategically schedule deep rest for proper recovery (Prayer/meditation/Yoga Nidra/sleep habits)

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