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Design Your Life Masterclass

The entrepreneur's blueprint for a balanced life.
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Simple strategies you can implement today to find balance with your productivity and health.

You work hard every day to develop your professional skills and personal habits. You strive for success.

But something isn’t quite right.

You’re full up to the brim. You feel like a Jack-in-the-Box: one more twist and you’re going to pop.

If you want to work less and accomplish more this webinar is for you.

What you’ll get

In this free webinar, we discuss 5 key strategies to optimize the relationship between mind, body, and spirit.

Watch now if these apply to you

» Do you feel burned out and overwhelmed?

» Do you have unending to-do lists?

» Do you feel completely stalled in your personal development?

Sarah J. Reed

Program Mentor & Creator

It’s so nice to meet you.

I’m Sarah. I am a wife, daughter, sister, aunt, fur-mom, and best friend. 

Together with my husband, Craig, we own and operate 4 businesses. 

Since 2003, I’ve been certified in Pilates, and also Precisition Nutrtion.

Today I  empowerment executives and entrepreneurs to

» downshift the overwhelm,

» boost mental fitness,

» cultivate physical wellness,

» foster spiritual wholeness.

what people are saying

Sarah is extremely talented and kind. Her work blows me away!

Lauran Glenn


If you are most fortunate in your life, there will be a Sarah Reed to support you just when you need her most. For you, she will be wise and gentle. She will be strong and you will make that strength your own. She will care deeply and you will see yourself heal from her compassion and your confidence returned to you. She will be intuitively flexible, sensing where you are guiding her on any given day and how she best can help you help yourself accomplish what you came to her for. And, if you don’t know why it was that you sought her out, but only that things were not right, she will help you with that, too.

Pat A.


Sarah’s expertise has empowered me to prioritize and achieve goals. With her passion to help others find their “right track” I will succeed! #selfpride

Chrystal Shumate


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