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free 5 day challenge

how to design your life

Get 5 new concepts to design a life you love in 5 days. A blueprint for busy professionals.

Welcome to the 5 day challenge to design your life with simplicity, consistency, and balance.

Hey there you busy, beautiful human!

I see you.

I see how much you accomplish.

But I also know you’re human.

Are you feeling a little stuck? Maybe a bit of overwhelm? Don’t know where to start, but you have too much to do?

Is your personal health on the back burner until you get “caught up” on your to-do list? Do you feel a little foggy at work, then wired when it’s time for bed?

If this sounds familiar, then you’re in the right place! Use the foundationial principles of this 5 day challenge to design a life that fits your responsibilities and your passions.

🗸 Strengthen your wellness habits.

🗸 Clarify your why.

🗸 Simplify and commit.

You’ll receive a new email every day for the next 5 days (starting today) with a new journal prompt and short exercise in PDF format, and an invitation to join my closed Facebook group for accountability with other like-minded goal-oriented high-achievers.

This mini process builds a foundation you can use anywhere, anytime to conquer the daily hiccups which try (but never succeed) to steer you off course.

I’m delighted you’re here.

your host

Sarah J. Reed

Excelevate Academy

Sarah has been a fitness and nutrition coach since 2002. Her clients are high-achieving entrepreneurs and executives who have high stress loads.

For 16 years, she’s helped clients balance body, mind, and spirit. These high achievers lose weight, increase energy, and overcome burnout.

Sarah and her husband own and operate 4 small businesses in 3 different industries, so she knows the value of hard work (and the toll it takes on health).