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I am a Lifestyle and Empowerment Coach.

I use my expertise as a certified Pilates instructor and my training as an interior designer and project manager to help clients foster a personal culture of wellness by balancing body, mind, and spirit. Since 2003, I have worked 1:1 with clients to renew their bodies and personal spaces, rejuvenate their lives, and upgrade their lifestyles. In addition to in-person intensives, I’ve created a signature 1:1 coaching program which allows me to take these teachings online, along with a mastermind group for continued support and accountability. I teach concepts gleaned from my multi-passionate background to clients who are ready to take a leap, elevate their goals, and up-level their lifestyles.

My signature program is a 1:1 coaching program for humans who are ready to clarify and finally commit to personal development goals.

I help my clients foster a personal culture of wellness and success by cultivating their body, mind and spirit.

As a certified Pilates instructor, interior designer and corporate executive, I’ve developed a specific set of skills over the last 20 years of my multi-passionate career.

I lean on philosophies, tools and systems I’ve learned and developed to guide clients from overwhelm and inconsistency to clarity, commitment and balance.

The end results often far exceed the original goals they’ve set for themselves.

Have you ever set a goal, made what you thought was a fool-proof plan, only to wake up the next morning and eat a cupcake for breakfast while second guessing why you bothered to set the goal in the first place? Do you set expectations for yourself so high, that you’d have to be on stilts, with a pogo stick, on a trampoline just to get close to the bar? Do you feel like you’re a hamster in a wheel in a cage: stuck in a never-ending cycle of up and down and all around? Then help me help you put this behind you.

curriculum vitae


B.A. Psychology, Philosophy

2002, Goucher College, Towson, MD

M.A. Interior Design

2010, Corcoran College of Art and Design, Washington, DC

Certifications, Credentials

ACE Certified Personal Trainer


Level IV Certified Pilates Instructor

2003, True Pilates NY


2009, USGBC (legacy)

Health and Nutrtion Coach

PN1, Precision Nutrition, 2017


Certified Essential Oil Coach

Essential Oil Institute, candidate 2018

Certified HeartMath Mentor

HeartMath Institute, candidate 2018

Certified Yoga Instructor, 200YTT

Kula Kamala Foundation & Yoga Ashram, candidate 2019


Work History

CEO, Sarah J. Reed

2002 – present: Health and wellness coach to individuals and groups in MD, VA, PA, NY

CEO, Skyline Mills

2011 – present: Drapery, Blinds, Hospital Curtains, Hospitality Bedding on contract to the Federal Goverment on an international scale.

COO, Mitigation Technologies

2011- present: Mitigation Technologies develops and deploys innovative life-saving security solutions. We are a standoff reduction company that can provide comprehensive solutions to reduce threat and vulnerabilities.


For further professional history, please visit my LinkedIn profile.

It’s so nice to meet you.

I’m Sarah. I am a wife, daughter, sister, aunt, fur-mom, best friend, Interior Designer, and Pilates instructor. I own and operate 4 businesses with my husband, Craig.

When I was younger, I never felt quite comfortable with my choices. I was constantly second guessing my decisions. Career choices, meal choices, relationship choices. What if I had decided on something else? What would I feel like now if I’d decided on a different plan? I was never settled. I could rarely embrace the moment, which meant it was sometimes difficult to enjoy that present.

This state of worry (aka FOMO) causes angst and frustration because what IS might possibly not be the best, or even good enough.

My parents have always, and still, encourage (in fact DEMAND) that I follow what makes me happy. But how do I know what makes me happy? I like photography, so I studied the medium, and ended up running a photography gallery, studio, and darkroom while I was in college. I like sculpture, so I studied the medium, and designed my senior thesis around body image using alternative photographic techniques and clay sculpture. I like philosophy, so I took as many psychology and philosophy classes I could.

I like fitness. I enjoy the physical and mental benefits one receives from exercising. I moved to NYC to be certified by the Matriarch of Joseph Pilates’ teachers, Romana Kryzanowska. I’ve worked as a personal trainer and Certified Pilates instructor at large box gyms and small private studios up and down the East Coast.

I like nutrition. I literally devour as much as I can about health and wellness, and share my findings with my friends and family who ask for guidance.

I like design and Architecture. I like system design. I like design thinking. I returned to graduate school in 2008 for Interior Design. I’ve worked with federal contractors, established interior designers, residential architects, and small start up furniture makers.

I like spiritual balance, and I firmly believe that one’s visual surroundings could help support internal harmony.

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